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Stretching lines of urban rail transit and airports are the "magic pen" that outlines regional development and depicts the blueprint for high-quality urban development in China.
Hitachi Elevator digitized and comprehensive in-station mobility solution enables automatic equipment health management, ensures safe elevator rides, improves service efficiency, and promotes further development of transportation infrastructure.


Cities covered by rail transit airport projects in China


Elevator/escalator products supplied for rail transit and airports


Coverage of Top 10 cities with the largest urban rail passenger traffic in China


Industry ranking of equipment procurement for China's high-speed rail projects

Challenges Your Project May Encounter

Requiring higher product stability due to long-term operation of elevators under heavy loads.

Requiringall-around and thoughtful safety design for products to be used in important public places.

Requiring energy saving and lower emission for equipment with high energy consumption.

Requiring continuous inspection and early identification to eliminate safety hazards.

Requiring smooth passenger flow solutions provided through professional consultation to cope with high passenger flow density.

Requiring efficient handling of urgent failures and quick replacement of parts.

We Can OfferProducts and Solutions

Certified according to high requirements for water and dust resistance, anti-corrosion, lightning protection, etc., enabling continuous heavy-load operation during rush hours and withstanding long-term outdoor use.

↓ 1/1500

Truss deflection reduced

Guaranteeing higher stability of the truss and ensuring continuous heavy-load operation during rush hours.


Raking ability/rated load capacity increased

Nabling quick braking in an emergency to avoid major accidents.

Providing safety protection for the whole elevator thanks to anti-slip, anti-collapse, anti-reversing, 3D anti-pinching, voltage sag operation protection technologies, as well as smooth step transition curve and other technologies.

10 times

PESSRAE Electronic Security Solution

The safety factor is 10 times higher than Chinese standards, thus leading the industry.


Handrails with UV sterilization

Effectively kills 99.9% of common bacteria without affecting the service life of elevators and handrails.

Supporting intelligent interaction based on AI safety visualization, all-age-friendly design, smart screen function, automatic lubrication system, real-time monitoring and retrieval.


AI-based pre-diagnosis features

Escalator self-diagnosis technology, significantly improving maintenance efficiency.


Large storage data cube

Recording fault information in detail, and enjoy safe and efficient services at all times.

Making full use of each kWh electricity by incorporating an ultra-high performance microcomputer control system, BAS system automatic energy-saving solution, and customized energy-saving solution.
Uplink load vector control energy saving technology
Downlink bypass frequency conversion regenerative energy feedback technology

We Can Offer Service Solutions

Passenger Flow Solution Consulting Services

Professional consulting team, offering optimal design solutions for passenger flow transportation in different scenarios.
BIM collaborative work, providing support for the whole elevator model and open source design parameters.
Sophisticated energy consumption data deduction system, and customized digital green solutions.

Premium Maintenance Team Service

Industry-leading remote monitoring system and AI-based pre-diagnosis.
24/7 support to ensure rapid response within 30min.
Multi-level spare parts supply system for quick handling of demands.


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