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Hospitals are the bastions to protect the health of urban people. Hitachi Elevator will lead the AI and IoT technologies in the industry, meet construction needs of smart hospitals, and empower intelligent transformation of hospitals, while contributing to the green goal of energy conservation, and providing healthy, reliable, efficient and low-carbon vertical transportation solutions to speed up high-quality development of the medical and health industry.


Coverage of Top 50 Hospitals with close cooperation


Hospital Service Projects in China

Challenges Your Project May Encounter

Various elevator usage demands in hospitals, requiring systematic overall solutions.

Patients with limited physical mobility, requiring a more convenient ride experience.

Enclosed elevator car space, requiring a higher level of antibacterial protection.

High frequency of doctors and patients using elevators, requiring better coordination based on reliable maintenance operations.

We Can OfferProducts and Solutions

  • Hitachi Anti-bacterial Buttons

    Certified according to SGS standards, with an antibacterial ratio greater than 99% against Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus

  • UV Sterilization System

    Integrated concealed design, interlinked with the running status of the elevator, enabling all-round sterilization and disinfection of the car.

  • Whole-process Purification and Disinfection Solution

    Ensuring health and safety, and support coexistence of people and machines; enable efficient and rapid one-time elimination of bacteria and viruses in the air.

  • Handrails with UV Sterilization

    Able to kill 99.9% of common bacteria without affecting the service life of elevators and handrails.

  • Scenario-specific Customized Solutions

    Designing integrated solutions based on accurate traffic flow predictions made for specific elevator usage scenarios

  • Group Control Management System Based on FI Passenger Flow Prediction

    Outputing an optimal elevator dispatching strategy with increased overall transportation efficiency by 13.7%

  • Special Elevators for Helicopter Rescue

    Seamless connection with the apron of the hospital, creating a life path to air rescue for patients

  • Robot-enabled Intelligent Linkage

    Industry-leading robot-enabled vertical mobility channel to support contactless delivery

  • Flexible Interfloor Operation

    Flexible control of the interfloor distance, realizing stepless speed regulation, and ensuring efficient and comfortable interfloor mobility

  • Professional Pace Solutions

    Ensuring improved ride comfort by providing professional pace solutions for medical elevators according to patients' needs

  • Micro Leveling Function

    Enabling automatic leveling when load changes, ensuring smooth entry and exit of hospital beds and medical equipment

  • Diversified Car and Door System Solutions

    Customized for application scenarios to fully meet vertical transportation needs in hospitals

We Can OfferService Solutions

Premium Installation Team Service

Elite team service
Schedule planning service
Leading construction method service

Premium Maintenance Team Service

Industry-leading remote monitoring system
Rapid response service within 30min
Multi-level spare parts supply system


The First Affiliated (Nansha) Hospital, Sun Yat-Sen University
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